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Assembly Instructions

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The total weight of the frame is 50 pounds. Once secured, the static load on the frame can accept up to 1000 pounds of pull down pressure. An Allen wrench (included) should be on hand for special adjustments. 10 bullet lock pins are included. Bed frame attachments plus J hooks are optional. Two large water jugs, when filled, provide added stability of the system. A product like WD40 might be necessary to lubricate some parts and make movement easy at all times. For disinfecting and cleaning the frame after use, a product like Green Clean Multi-Surface & More is recommended to kill germs between users. The System can also be wheeled around as necessary or kept in place via the ''feet''.

This Patented System is shipped in two boxes. The larger box will contain much of the steel and aluminum frame and legs. The smaller box will contain multiple colored cords, triple-cord grip state-of-the-art handles, typical paperwork, a DVD with celebrity testimonials, instructional and assembly guides, and demonstrations; sleek gloves, hand and forearm strengthening exercise kit, massage roller, Yoga and Pilates DVD, and a special edition speed bag for boxing.

Ultimate Workout & Recovery Spider AssemblyAs can be seen in this photo, the triangular bases are identical. Two vertical bars are connected to the triangular bases and the two “shoulders”. The shoulder pieces also connect to the horizontal bar. The horizontal bar, (which can be used a chin up or pull-up bar) has the cardio peddler attached with custom brackets. These brackets can be removed with the included Allen wrench, if needed.

To construct the main frame, first connect both triangular bases to the vertical bar, using the set screws to tighten. The holes on the shoulder pieces should be vertical to accept the vertical parts of the triangular bases.  The set screws should be horizontal.

Ultimate Workout & Recovery Spider AssemblyNow the vertical part of the shoulder should have a vertical bar from the triangle base inserted, for each side, evenly, so the horizontal bar is level once both verticals are in place.
Ultimate Workout & Recovery Spider AssemblyThe push pins are slid into place to secure the vertical bars. Height is adjustable from 42 to 60 inches by changing pin location on the shoulders and on the vertical bars.

Thresholds (42 inches wide) are placed beneath the bases and the screws, and wing nuts are threaded from the bottom, through the threshold, then through the base of the triangle.  These will secure the System when a chair or wheelchair is in place over the thresholds. Tapcon® attachments (strongly recommended for facility use) into the floor may be used for secure and permanent installation. The width can be up to 60 inches, depending on the top bar minus thresholds, once installed into the floor.

Ultimate Workout & Recovery Spider Assembly

Next, connect the vertical bars that extend from the top of the triangular bases to the vertical ends of the shoulders, using the included push pins. Remember to adjust to the needed height, and keep everything symmetrical.

Ultimate Workout & Recovery Spider Assembly

Lastly, connect the main horizontal bar to both ends of the horizontal ends of the shoulders.

Ultimate Workout & Recovery Spider AssemblyThere are also horizontal legs that extend from the bases of the triangles.  These can be extended for added stability.  These may be removed and rotated 90 degrees, then re-inserted to allow either wheels or feet to contact the floor.

The included video shows quick, easy step-by-step assembly and takedown.

Attach cords and handles as desired to allow multiple exercises for strength training, a sport-specific range of motion training or rehab, endurance/cardio, toning and much more! Enjoy a zero impact yet highly engaging and very unique workout anywhere, anytime, for anyone!

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