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Kionte Storey

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Retired United States Marine Corporal Kionte Storey from 3rd Battalion 7th Marine is known as a warrior, motivational speaker, and an athlete but among all this he is uniquely known for his resiliency in striving forward with an amazing smile despite losing his leg during his combat deployment to Afghanistan in 2010.

In September 2010 Lance Corporal Storey was gravely wounded during a morning patrol through the Helmand Providence of Sangin District, Afghanistan after an Improvised Explosive Device (IED) went off resulting in the loss of his right leg below the know, moderate damage to his left leg and Trauma Brain Injury. As his Marines carried LCpl Storey in a stretcher to the nearest Medevac sight Storey remained calmed while still giving his junior Marine commands and talking to his Marines to let them know that he was ok.

Corpral Storey underweant many surgeries and revisions before recovering at Naval Medical Center of San Diego(NMCSD) where he got his first prosthesis and learned to walk all over again which started his road to recovery. Despite Kionte’s amazing accomplishments from running marathons, summiting the highest mountain in Antarctica, to racing against the fastest amputees in the Paralympic community there will always be a constant battle that he will continue to fight. That fight is what amazes friends and family he comes in contact with because not only does he do it with an amazing smile but with determination to succeed while inspiring others around him to show others that anything is possible and to never quit or give up on yourself.

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